Recipe Index

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A (Top)
Alkaline Noodles
Almond Sponge with figs
Apple shortcake 
Arnold Bennett omelette
Asian burrito
Asparagus and Eggs
Asparagus tart

B (Top)
Bacon bone soup
Bacon, cheek (Guanciale)
Bacon, homemade (complete)
Baked beans
Barley with sausage
Bath Oliver biscuits
Beef, cheeks, braised
Beef, cheeks in Dr Pepper-Miso Marinade
Beef, marrow (complete)
Beef, red wine marinated roast beef salad
Beef, shin pressure cooked
Beef, short ribs in Dr Pepper-Miso Marinade 
Beef, slow cooked prime rib
Beef, stout stewed shin 
Beef, stroganoff
Beetroot, tartare 
Beurre Monté
Bread, again
Bread, beer 
Bread, grape
Bread, mini pita 
Bread, pizza dough
Bread salad (Panzanella)
Bread salad, with haloumi
Bread, Walnut Flat
Brioche, chocolate
Brioche, easy
Brown butter and sage Gnocchi
Brussels Sprouts, pan roasted with bacon

C (Top)
Cabbage, quick pickle
Caesar Salad
Cardamom palmier
Caramel Corn (cracker jacks)
Caramelised carrot and peanut soup
Carrot burrata
Cavatelli, polenta 
Cavatelli, popcorn grits
Cavatelli, ricotta
Cavatelli with beef
Cheese sauce
Chestnut purée spread
Chicken and red wine
Chicken and red wine redux
Chicken, brined
Chicken, extra hot
Chicken, Fried
Chicken, fried wings
Chicken, Hainanese
Chicken, hot wings (Alton Brown method)
Chicken, noodle soup 
Chicken, pâté
Chicken, roasted with olives
Chicken, spicy wings
Chicken, spicy wings (Mk IV)
Chicken, stew 
Chicken, wings version... I've lost count
Chinese pancakes
Chocolate, flexible white chocolate sheet
Chocolate, Chantilly
Congee, leftovers
Congee with smoked mackerel
Cookies 2014
Cookies, cereal 
Corn and Chicken soup
Corn chowder
Corn fritter 
Corned beef potato cakes
Cottage pie 
Courgette and mint salad
Creaming soda syrup
Creaming soda syrup, rhubarb

D (Top)
Dashi with miso noodles and hamine egg
Duck, confit (see here also)
Duck, confit prep
Duck, Prosciutto
Duck, roasted whole

E (Top)
Egg, 13 minute
Egg, baked
Egg, cured yolk
Egg, hamine
Egg, Kai Kem

F (Top)
Fennel and pork belly noodles
Fish cakes
Fish pie
Fish Stew, Monkfish
Fried Chicken 

G (Top)
Garlic confit 
Ginger Beer
Gnocchi (with sopressa puttanesca sauce)
Gnocchi, Potato Chip  
Grapefruit marmalade

H (Top)
Hainanese Chicken
Hand pulled noodles (see here also)
Hare, braised
Hollandaise sauce (see here also)
Hotdog (sous vide)

I (Top)
Israeli couscous & smoked fish salad

K (Top)
Kedgeree, with savoury whipped cream
Kimchi, spring onion
Kofta tagine 

L (Top)
Lamb, cumin
Lamb, pizza
Lamb, slow roast
Lamb, yoghurt marinated

M (Top)
Mac and Cheese Sliders
Mackerel Pâté
Masa, spiced pasta 
Mayonnaise, garlic parsley
Monte Cristo
Muffins, savoury
Mustard, pressure cooked 

N (Top)
Niçoise salad with smoked mackerel
Noodles, Alkaline
Noodles, hand pulled (see here also)
Noodles, chicken soup
Noodles, spaetzle

O (Top)
Odd flavor sauce
Omelette, Arnold Bennett
Onion soup
Orange Salad
Orecchiette with broken pork sausage

P (Top)
Pastry, hot water
Pastry, puff (v1)
Pastry, rough puff (v2)
Pasta, buttercup squash Tortellini 
Pasta, Cavatelli
Pasta, Ricotta Cavatelli
Pasta, clam spaghetti
Pasta, eggplant and parsley Ravioli
Pasta for one 
Pasta, orecchiette
Pasta, Pappardelle with Watercress Pesto and Zucchini
Pasta, Polenta Cavatelli
Pasta, Roasted Rye Cavatelli
Pasta, Roasted Rye Garganelli
Pasta, Spiced masa
Pâté de Campagne
Pâté, Chicken liver
Peanut butter biscuits
Pear, poached (sous vide) 
Peas and Lettuce
Pesto, Watercress
Pho Bo
Pho Ga
Pierogi with sausage and musrooms 
Polenta, pressure cooked
Popcorn grits
Pork and fennel meatballs 
Pork and pepperoni
Pork, belly pressed
Pork, braised
Pork, cheek with polenta
Pork, confit cheek
Pork, forever pork taco
Pork, grilled shoulder chops
Pork, hock cake
Pork, hock with lentils
Pork, pulled shoulder with bbq sauce
Pork, puffed skin (Chicharrón)
Pork, sticky ribs
Pork, stuffed trotter 
Pork, sweet, sour and salty braised
Pork, twice cooked roast belly
Pork, with beans 
Potato, baked with cream
Potato, croquettes 
Potato, rösti with courgette
Potato, spicy hash with bok choy
Potato, stacks with beef sausage
Potato, tart with leek 
Pressure cooked meat sauce
Puffed snack, tapioca
Pumpkin curry

Q (Top)
Quiche, broccoli
Quick red onion pickle

R (Top)
Rhubarb, pickled 
Rice, creamy with sausage and thyme
Risotto, mushroom

S (Top)
Salted caramel peanuts
Sangria Blanca
Savoury Oats with braised fennel and chicken 
Scones, Cheese
Shrimp, tortillas (see here also)
Smoked carrot and ginger soup
Sopressa puttanesca with gnocchi
Soufflé, cheese
Stroganoff, beef
Summer Pudding
Summer soup 
Swede, salt baked

T (Top)
Tagine, kofta 
Tofu, silken with soy and lime (cold)
Truffle powder

U (Top)
Upside down apple cake
Urad Dal curry with flat bread and Bhaji

W (Top)
Walnut Flat Bread
Wine Cocktail

Y (Top)
Yoghurt Scones

Z (Top)
Zucchini (courgette) and mint salad