Tuesday, November 19, 2013


Why have I not made my own mustard before? I have no idea. Well I’ve made up mustard from powder with a little water or wine, but not from the whole seeds, not properly. It’s dead simple too, it takes all of 10 minutes, well that and 48 hours of waiting and couple of weeks for it to age into something you actually want to eat, as it is rather bitter fresh.

Pour into a bowl half a cup of brown mustard seeds, used for the heat, and half a cup of yellow mustard seeds, add 1 cup of liquid, I used some leftover sparkling wine, 200 ml of white wine vinegar, add a dash of salt, cover with clingfilm and leave for 48 hours. After the long agonising wait pour the mixture into a blender, add some sugar now if you want, I prefer not to, and whizz up for about a minute, it won't form a smooth paste but rather semi whole grain. Transfer the mustard to a sterilised jar and keep in the fridge for a few months, leave it a week or two before you start eating it as the bitterness will dull as it ages. I also imagine you could can it if you wanted to keep it indefinitely, but I don’t know what the heating process would do to the flavour development.


  1. Try making it with beer too with some honey for sweetness - the flavours go incredibly well with anything porky or cheesy.

  2. I've just done a batch with just yellow mustard seeds, cider, cider vinegar and honey, it's pretty good. Will have to give the beer one a go.