Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Sangria Blanca

When there are no clouds in the sky and there is no escape from the heat, nothing beats a ice cold glass of Sangria Blanca. It has become my favourite drink this summer, not too alcoholic, not heavy like beer, and you can pretend it's kind of good for you (it's got fruit in it).

The best Sangria is made the day before, or at least a few of hours before you intend to drink it. Fill a jug two thirds full of wine (I like Sauvignon Blanc), slice up some fruit (nectarines, apricots, orange and lemon are good) and put in the jug, cover and chill.

When you're ready to drink, pour in ginger ale to fill up the jug (yes, wine and ginger ale, don't ask me why this works it just does).


  1. Ooo delicious. And I'm sure if I wanted to up the alcoholism I could easily slip a little vodka into this.

    Gin-spiked iced tea is what has been keeping me happy this summer. Very similar; a summery, alcohol spiked drink that isn't too sweet, too heavy, too bloating.

    This post will add another to my repertoire! Thanks!

  2. Brandy is another good addition if you want more of a kick

  3. Hi Stephen. I found your blog via Alex's at Culinary Conquest. How are you? I always have red wine sangria with Rioja, orange, plums and all other healthy things. But now I am very intrigued to try the white wine version and ginger ale. I might not be able to wait until the summer to try this :)

  4. Hi, thanks for the comment, I do like the traditional red wine sangria too, I've never tried it with plums, so will have to give it a go, maybe I'll hunt down some greengage plums for white wine :)