Saturday, October 8, 2011

Steak butter heaven

I went a little overboard for lunch and was far too full for dinner, but if you're going to over do something nothing beats a good slab of beef and lashings of butter.

I whipped up a quick herb butter by blending butter, grated garlic, lemon rind, a splash of cider vinegar, oregano and parsley.

Roll it in to a log and put it in the freezer (it should keep a good few months in there)

Next grill that big piece of beef (as you can see above I like mine rare). I used rump, I really like the rump cut for a good flavoured juicy steak.

Seeing as there is an abundance of asparagus available at the moment. I sautéed some in the same pan as the beef and then deglazed it with some wine and then reduced until the stalks were cooked.

Then all I need to do was assemble it and devour.

1 comment:

  1. "Seeing as there is an abundance of asparagus available at the moment..."
    Damn, knew there was a reason people lived in the North Island :P

    This is indeed pretty hefty for lunch, but I will admit I'm drooling and it's 1am. Who cares what time it is! Also I tend to prefer a big lunch since you don't go to bed feeling so bloated. Girly comment that had to be said.