Monday, September 5, 2011


I finally used the pizza stone I recently bought. You can find my pizza dough recipe here. The only difference is we cook our pizza at about 260°C.

A few toppings for the pizza, simple passata for the sauce. Golden rule though less is more on your pizza.

We usually make thin bases, and like serving it with a good pile of rocket and folding it in half.


  1. I struggle with less is more on our homemade pizzas - I always want pineapple, mushrooms, garlic, capsicum, sundried tomatoes, normal cheese, & cream cheese. Sometimes minus the cream cheese & sundried tomatoes, but not often!

    Does the pizza stone actually work? I've always wondered if they're worth it.

  2. It is a struggle sometimes not to add that extra topping, but i like a thin crispy base and unfortunately extra toppings screw with cooking times.

    The pizza stone has only been used once so far, so I can't give a super informed opinion yet, my initial thoughts are that yes it is worth it.

    You can pick them up pretty cheap too. The one I bought was $30 (there's a smaller one for $20), but you can go crazy and spend $100+ on it too. What I noticed about the more expensive versions are heavier so will hold on to the heat better.

    When using it preheat the oven with the stone in it, and once it's hit the intended temperature leave it for a good 15-30 minutes to make sure the stone is at that temp too.

    Also in between pizzas let the stone heat for a couple of minutes.

    But if you don't want to invest, we just used to use a heavy baking tray preheated in the oven, and then slide a pizza on baking paper on to that.