Monday, August 8, 2011

What the beans made

The beans I made got pulled out last night and served with some sautéed potatoes and pork sausages.

Tonight I took the last portion of the beans and mixed some corn through it, and heated. I served it in a baked potato with sour cream and jalapeño relish.


  1. really love all the food you make on your blog! Its all my favourite kind of stuff, hello 'Monte Cristo' and 'Baked Egg'!!!!

  2. Hi, thanks for your comment.
    Monte Cristo is my favorite sandwich at the moment. But am heading back to the origins for this weekends brunch, trying to make my mind up between a Croque Madame (grilled sandwich with a fried egg on top), or go completely over the top and have a Croque Monsieur smothered in Béchamel sauce.

  3. Bloody hell, a croque Monsieur smothered in bechamel sauce sounds like one of thge best idea's I have ever must do it!