Saturday, August 20, 2011

Pork and beans

Pretty similar to the baked beans I posted not too long ago, but this time pork and beans.

Well I did this in a pressure cooker, if you're not you'll have to soak the beans overnight. In a pot put some onion, pinto beans, garlic, carrot and celery (leave in large chunks so it will be easy to fish out later) then place in the pork hock. Cook until done (25-30 min for the pressure cooker; 45-60 min on the stove). I have to say I wouldn't recommend doing this on the stove, I'd probably put the hock in a slow cooker in the morning with the vege and that evening cook the beans in that stock.

Once the meat is cooked pull the flesh from the bone.

Spices for the bean sauce, coriander, fennel, paprika, chilli, mustard and salt.

Toasted and ground.

A fine dice of celery, carrot, onion, fennel, and in the small bowl some palm sugar grated. In a pot start to soften the onions in a little olive oil, when just starting to colour add the spices and toast until aromatic. Add the remaining ingredients and start to soften. Purée (I prefer to pass through a sieve) a good can of tomatoes. Pour the tomato in to the pan, add the sugar to taste and a large teaspoon of molasses. Add the beans and meat and cook until thick

Serve with some crusty bread and pan poached eggs (I think some people called it steamed eggs? Take a pan, I use a small heavy frying pan, get it up to heat and add a bit of butter, break the egg in to the pan and let it set slightly then add water, only a small amount, enough to stop it frying and start steaming. Use tilting the pan etc. to help shape the egg.)

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