Friday, August 5, 2011

Monte Cristo

Another quick and easy dinner. I seem to lack a little motivation when I'm only cooking for myself. Ironically I seem to be posting more though.

Everything out and ready to get cooking. So nice champagne ham, good quality bread, the most awesome Dijon mustard I have ever had (If you shop at Thorndon New World, It's on the shelf above the frozen goods, about half way along, and the 2nd best thing is the price, $2.70! It beats out any other I have tried), egg and some brie.

Heat up the oven. And assemble the sandwich, good layer of mustard, ham and brie. I also added some sliced shallot.

In bowl or dish mix up the egg with a little milk, water or wine, I added some paprika, salt and pepper to the mix. Place the sandwich in the egg mix and let each side soak it up.

In a medium (med-low) pan melt a little butter (or a lot), and fry on each side until golden. If the cheese isn't gooey and melting, put it in the oven for a couple of minutes.

Finally, enjoy.

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