Monday, August 22, 2011

Cottage pie

The line up for the stew, brown the shins, remove, then soften onion and carrot, deglaze with the red wine, add bay leaves, mustard Worcestershire sauce, paprika and thyme. Cook until done, you could do this in a slow cooker, oven, stove or pressure cooker.

Prepare the vege, I used some pickling onions just simply peeled, small mushrooms and a large dice of carrot.

Once the meat is falling off the bone tender, pull the meat out on to a board and pull in to large chucks. Make sure to push the marrow out of the bones (discard the bone). Strain the liquid, and start reducing it, make sure to taste it so you don't over reduce and can adjust the seasoning. Add the vege and meat to the liquid and cook till it's almost a glaze.

Pile the mixture in to a dish.

Spoon over some pea purée (which you'd obviously make while the above part is cooking), A dash of lemon, cooked peas, salt and pepper with a small amount of garlic whizzed up.

Mash potatoes with some butter and milk, season well.

Spread it on top of the peas and score with a fork.

Grate some cheese on top.

And either place under a grill until golden, or you could prepare the dish the day before and then bake until hot and golden.

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  1. Oh man that looks delicious, I just love cottage pie. Not peas though, yuck!

    Love the big swirl on the potato, so pretty :)