Saturday, August 27, 2011

Chicken and Red wine redux

I revisited my earlier post and cooked up another lot of red wine and chicken, and I wasn't disappointed. This is quite an image heavy post, so the rest is after the jump.

Chicken cut in half.

No bacon in this lot, and an addition of fennel tops, I missed the bacon.

Chicken in the roasting pan with potatoes in stead of sun-choke, I prefer the sun-choke. This also got the olives and an addition of capers.

Didn't have any foil, so improvised with a bit of baking paper.

Chicken out of the oven uncovered and ready to go back in. The sauce over-reduced a bit due to not having a tight seal with the paper, so I topped it up with a bit more red wine.

Fennel sliced and marinating in some lemon juice.

Beans being shocked after blanching.

Shallots ready to slice.

All mixed up with a simple French dressing.

The strained pan juices.

Plated and delicious.

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