Friday, July 29, 2011

Salt, Salmon and grapefruit!

The Grapefruit

No, not together. I mentioned a couple of posts ago that we bought a few bits and pieces and smoked salt was in the basket. Well it got put to good use again for a quick and easy dessert, nice big chunks of grapefruit and smoked salt. The great thing about salt is it blocks out bitterness, unlike sugar which just masks it.

The grapefruit was juicy, not overly sweet, and had 0% bitterness because of the salt, and a slight hint of smoke.

Try taking a glass of tonic and adding salt to it, you'll be hard pressed to taste the bitter quinine in it. Also good with coffee. I've had a bit of a hunt around and can't find a reason exactly why the salt works. I've dropped a line to cookingissues, hopefully they answer it on their next radio show.

Update: The question was answered, go here to listen to the radio show. Basically the salt alters the way your taste receptors interrupt bitterness (maybe). Subscribe to the radio show via podcast

Salmon and Pasta

AND yet another super quick dinner. 1 packet of good (the best you can afford) hot smoked salmon, cream, shallot, peas (frozen are fine, in fact usually better than fresh, unless you grew them yourself), wine, salt, pesto.

Get your pasta on to boil (I used spaghetti). In a pan soften finely diced shallots in a little olive oil. Add wine and reduce. Once reduced, add pesto, and then cream. Turn the heat to low, and add peas. By now your pasta is cooked. Put your pasta in to the sauce (a bit of cooking water is OK, it helps spread the sauce), flake in the hot smoked salmon and stir through until warm. Serve.

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