Saturday, July 2, 2011

Photo post part 2

Roasted Chicken drumsticks with fennel/potato salad and glazed carrots

Sliced fennel

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Mayonnaise with extra lemon juice, this was the dressing for the fennel salad and I think you need the extra citrus to bring out the flavours of fennel. The finished salad was potato, fennel, peas and spring onion tossed in the homemade mayo.

Tops of the fennel with garlic, lemon, onion, white wine, peppercorns, fennel seed, coriander all put in a roasting pan to make a bed for the chicken.

Chicken sitting on the vegetable, wine mix with a bit of celery chucked in at the last minute.

Ready for the oven, the foil stops the pan drying out quickly and also directs the steam to the chicken, so it browns on the top and gets steamed from below.

The chicken is out and the pan goes on the stove with a bit of white wine and butter to make a sauce.

Carrots ready to get glazed.

Finished dish

Pork Leg, Shank end

Just out of the oven, the foil is there to protect the meat but leave the skin exposed so it can crackle. Underneath the foil is a bed of onion, apple and cider.

Crackling galore.

Just about to get covered to rest.

The onion and apple have melted in the pan.

Homemade chicken stock ready to meet the roasting pan, and Sophie in the background working on her lentil dish.

Left: The roasting pan reducing chicken stock in with the onions and apple.
Right: Lentils simmering.

Lentils almost ready.

Finished gravy.

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