Thursday, July 21, 2011

24 hour bread

Butter chicken was the plan for dinner the other night, we had the thighs defrosting in the fridge and when we got home from work and pulled them out, they we're still frozen, bugger. And we had already whipped up a batch of dough to make flat breads with too.

So like all resourceful cooks, I suggested making a dal or vege curry, the other half insisted in ordering in curry, I lost.

At the end of the night cleaning up the take-away mess, we realised that we hadn't used our bread dough sitting on the bench. So there it sat for a full 24 hours, bubbling and fermenting away.

It finally got cooked last night, turned into a focaccia style bread, with thyme, salt and olive oil drizzled over it. turned out light, and tasty with a nice sour bite from the extra long fermentation.

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