Friday, November 14, 2008

Brown Butter & Sage Gnocchi

I thought I'd try my hand at making Gnocchi for the first time. A little research and found a simple recipe, and then decided to add to it.

I got a pan on a medium heat and put a decent lump of butter in there and let it sit, spit and bubble until it had turned a deep hazelnut colour (I can not say enough about brown butter, it's delish great with pasta and the aroma is amazing). Then added a handful of sage leaves and 2 eggs and pureed it.I had about 600 grams of (floury) potatoes peeled and cubed and boiling until nice and soft.
Next time I'll have to remember the post from Ideas in Food and what they did to their potato skins, and the byproduct sounds like fun to play with.

Wrap up

Haven't bought grapefruit for a long time, but I saw a couple with my name on them at the supermarket, very juicy and very tasty.

Sun Sun Sun

Our crazy cat...


I've been a little lazy posting on here, and also a bit more kicked out of the kitchen as the better half has taken over. We've had some nice spicy coated chicken drums, a noodle broth with a dose of Thai mint and coriander and at the moment, she's working on an Asian themed meatball/noodle combo.